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Workbench for CogniTensor

Deep Optics

AI software that merges human intelligence with cutting edge models. It illustrates pre-built algorithms and simplistic workflows, resulting in high-quality training data for your machine learning projects.

Data Rodeo

Data Rodeo

Data cleaning platform simplifying and accelerating the process of working with machine learning modules. Design, feed, clean and organize your datasets.

ML Bench

ML Bench

Test and train large datasets with pre-built algorithm modules. Develop an autonomous IDE to play with code and interact with your favorite libraries.



Databoard displaying your reports KPI, metrics and key data points monitoring the health of your business. Customizable to the requirements of the company.

One-stop for all your AI needs.

Business services

We help you achieve quantifiable business solutions via the exceptional blend of business acumen, big data, and ML. We integrate outstanding technical proficiency to identify the company’s ineptitude and recast them into competence.


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