What are we aiming for?

Being the best platform for building AI-powered, transformative organizations, and for aspiring developers / AI professionals.

How can we help you become leader in your industry?

We assist organisations with quantitative business solutions via an exceptional blend of business acumen, big data and machine learning. Our team integrates outstanding technical proficiency to identify the company’s ineptitude and recast them into competence.

Where do we stand in AI world?

We are at the forefront of implementing ML-driven solutions and combining intelligent decision-making algorithms. Our products have been built using the best algorithms combining advanced data mining techniques. The platform has been built with Javascript and deployed on AWS. Our approach includes the algorithms in detecting known and unknown with high accuracy, fewer training times, large datasets and frequent re-tuning.


  • Ashish Airon launched the company called 'MetaTensor' Part of Airon ventures’ in 2016.

    This platform intended to connect researchers across the world with the aim to build AI models that use the vast amount of data efficiently.Initially the company was set up in London and captured countries of Middle East subsequently.


  • New Entity was formed called CogniTensor with Ashish Airon, Arun Aggarwal and Pankaj Mathur.

    Recognised by Harvard Club of India, and also part of Focus Group AI for health at WHO-ITU (Geneva, Switzerland).Recognised as “Top 20 AI solution provider-CIO Review”.Part of Government of India(Gov), Smart cities, IOT community.


  • Partnership with 3 US firms.

    Ashish Airon appointed as ‘Mentor of Change’ for the Government of India’s flagship program of Atal Tinkering Labs, established by the Atal Innovation Mission, Niti Aayog.



Arun Aggarwal

Arun Aggarwal

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Ashish Airon

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