We provide services to a variety of enterprises and help transcendent their business in various domains.

Power Trading

Running thousands of AI models in parallel with the most advanced machine learning system. We identify and predict the right Day-Ahead Market Price.


Driving key insights into business demands and customer profiles via AI forecasting techniques, ARIMA modelling and Deep Learning techniques for most accurate results.

Social Media

Uncovering whether a piece of text is written in a positive, negative or neutral manner. We deliver impactful and cost-effective advertisements.


Providing a faster, more accurate assessment of a potential borrower, at a lesser cost, and accounts for a wider variety of factors. We lead to a better-informed, data-backed decision.

Supply Chain Management

For Inventory Management and Vendor / Procurement Management providing key insights into the required metrics with predictive pieces on what has to be done next.

Detecting Bots

Using classification techniques for detection of genuine and regular human visitors, analyze missing user’s demographics, age, time of activity and much more.